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December 2013: Last Shows of the Year 

After a gluttonous few days with family, I'm getting ready for the last two shows of the year:12/2/13 - Piano's NYC Upstairs Lounge - 7p.m.Free158 Ludlow St. (at Stanton), Manhattan, NYpianosnyc.com12/10/13 - The Way Station7p.m.Free683 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NYwaystationbk.comAfter these shows, I'll be taking a little time off in California before making some new records in the new year.Happy Holidays and End of 2013/Beginning of 2014!

New Brooklyn Show: 9/9 at The Way Station 

Singer Songwriter Night @ The Way Station (Prospect Heights) 9/9/13 8pm (show starts at 7pm) 683 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY FREE (NOTE: The 8/24 show at Bar 4 has been canceled since Bar 4 had to close its doors.)

Gonna Give It Away... 

For a very limited time, I'm giving everything I have ever released away for FREE. Both albums, Unnatural Disaster and Down That Road, as well as the Election Day Blues single, are set to name your price downloads in the store. Go ahead, enter $0.00, and take them all! If you want to help, share the links. Everything will stay free for the next two weeks, ending on my birthday, Saturday, June 8, 2013. My… Read more

News: December in New York 

Hello friends, I'll be playing a show this coming Saturday, December 15 at 10:15 in NYC. It's at Googie's Lounge above The Living Room on the Lower East Side. This is a great venue for singer/songwriters in New York, so I'm really looking forward to this night. Been working up the old songs and writing a couple new ones to get ready. If you're in NYC, come hang out. Best of all, Googie's is a no cover… Read more

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New Album: Unnatural Disaster

After years in the making, Unnatural Disaster is finally ready. Full of acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, harmonies, and a hodgepodge rhythm section, Unnatural Disaster involves a cast of characters in scenes that play out over the course of the record. Some would call this a concept album or a record with a story. This story tells of Addie Greene, her husband, a flooding L.A. River, a burning house, a serial arsonist shot dead in a motel, and a paranoid grandfather.

Is this an antiquated idea? Why release a themed story album in 2012, when the iTunes digital single is the supposed new ideal? Well…maybe it’s better not to think too hard about how some people say other people should listen to music. Maybe this record just happened that way. Maybe all of this doesn’t matter much because a song is only as good as the connections it makes, and sometimes it’s just better to listen.

I'm very proud of this record. I won't admit it too often, but the entire album was recorded alone in an apartment in L.A. I played everything on it, so it is full of the perfect imperfections that I love.

So, there it is. Check out Unnatural Disaster in the Music section, and buy it in the Store or wherever you like to get your music (like iTunes or CDBaby). You can also find it on streaming websites like Spotify and Earbits.